FRINGE WORLD!Nominated for Best Children's Event 2017Children's Event

Weekends from 27st Janruary!

Pirates!! is a choose-your-own adventure story that takes a group of children on an imaginary journey in search of treasure. The show has run successfully at FRINGE WORLD for the past two years and in 2018 will be expanding venues to appear at Heathcoat Pirate Ship Playground in addition to their usual space next to the Sensory Playground in the Perth Cultural Centre. There's even rumours that the lovable pirates might enlist the revellers in the FRINGE WORLD Pleasure Garden for of an adult show.
The children's shows begins with Captain Boots and Redbeard calling for fearless souls to join them aboard their imaginary pirate ship. These two fearsome yet friendly pirates soon have a large group of willing participants eager to tie on their bandannas and sail the high seas of their imagination.

Adventures commencing at

Heathcote Reserveat: 11am & 12pm on the 27th & 28th January & 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th February.
Perth Cultural Centre at 3pm & 4pm on Saturdays & Sundays every weekend of FringeWorld 27th January to 25th February.
Pleasure Garden (18+) at 10pm on Fridays & Saturdays every weekend of FringeWorld 27th January to 25th February.

Tickets: Pay As You Feel, first come first serve.
Places are limited so please arrive early.

Boots and Red Beard seamlessly switch between narration and reacting to the children's imaginative input, leading the adventure with youthful exuberance while also maintaining a careful watch ensuring the crew don't run too far ahead or lag too far behind in their glee to fight imaginary foes.
Not everything is imaginary though, the children get to find authentic glass bottles containing beautifully produced maps that give accurate latitude and longitude for the location of the pirates booty. Boots and Red Beard fall out over who will find the treasure first and have a real sword fight ala Pirates of the Caribbean before realizing that only by working together will they will find the treasure. The show ends with a message about sharing as each participant receives their portion of the chocolate treasure.

Jesse (Captain Boots) has been leading imaginary adventures for most of his life and began his professional career as a storyteller in 2006. Over the last 11 years he's performed at schools, libraries, parties and festivals, toured regionally to Katanning and the South West from Harvey to Dunsborough and had stories filmed by the Department of Education to make into to teaching and learning materials. He is vice-president of the Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA), producer of the 'Story Circuit' a traditional storytelling performance for adults, and a qualified childcare professional (Dip Children's Services)

Alex (Redbeard) is a classically trained cellist with a passion for improvisation and velvet smoking jackets. He has been a member of the medieval reenactment group The Grey Company since 2009 and regularly performs with them throughout the year. While studying medieval history at UWA last year Alex performed a comedic rendition of Gawain and the Green knight starring as Gawain. In addition to his acting and swordplay Alex regularly performs with the Tealeaf Troubadours, a local four piece, combining folk tales, poetry and music. He also teaches cello to a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced players.