FRINGE WORLD! Children's Event

Weekends from 21st Janruary!

Tie on a bandanna. Draw your imaginary sword. Get ready to run. The Governor's men are hot on the Pirates' tails. Can you help them give their pursuers the slip for long enough to sneak back and find the treasure? What clever tricks can you think up to help the crew escape? Join the loveable pirates for a new adventure through the seas of Fringe World.

Adventures commencing at 3:00, 4:00 & 5:00pm from the Sensory Playground outside the WA Museum. Saturday & Sunday 21st Jan to 5th Feb.
Tickets: Pay As You Feel, first come first serve.
Places are limited so please arrive early.

Captains Boots and Redbeard lead an action packed choose-your-own-adventure. The children get to dress up and take part while their imaginative input shapes the story. The show moves about the cultural centre while parents follow along at a sedate pace. Boots is a qualified early childhood educator and in amongst the pirate shenanigans the show incorporates real history, navigation, sharing and decision making.

Alex (Captain Redbeard) is a classically trained cellist with a passion for improvisation. He has been a member of the medieval reenactment group The Grey Company since 2009 and regularly performs with them throughout the year. While studying medieval history at UWA Alex starred as Gawain in a comedic rendition of Gawain and the Green knight. In addition to his acting and swordplay Alex also teaches cello to a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Jesse (Captain Boots) has been leading imaginary adventures for most of his life and began his professional career as a storyteller in 2006. Over the last 10 years he's performed at schools, libraries, parties and festivals, toured to regional WA and Jakarta, and had stories filmed by the Department of Education to make into teaching and learning materials. He is president of the Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) and producer of the 'Story Circuit' a monthly traditional storytelling performance for adults.