The Stories Beckon

In the olden time, that is here and now
In a land far off, but not far away
There the story dwells in the quiet night
'Till new tellers come who will brave the stage
And lift the story from the page
Come we will catch them you and I
Upon the story we will fly
From the edge of sleep to the dawn of day
Let the stories live, learn what they say
For in silence they sleep for tellers to come
Awaiting them always, will you be one?

Bookweek 2013

Big thank you to all the wonderful librarians, teachers and students who made my bookweek tour in and around Bunbury such an enjoyable experience. We created 15 new space adventure stories together with plotlines ranging from avoiding war with the Martians, to ancidentally stealing Captain Boot's space ship, to figuring out how to keep the Incredible Hulk under control in zero G, to debating wheather or not to eat the Neptunian Space Pig, and hopefully the students will have many more.

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